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Yannick Oswald

The truth behind any business: Cohorts


Cohorted usage and purchase data present the ground truth in any business, regardless of the business model.

Yannick Oswald

Become a Mangrove 2024 Fellow


We are looking for an exceptional new intern for a 6-months period after March.

Yannick Oswald

The job of a startup CEO


Today, I would like to cover a topic I discussed with several founders last year: the job of the startup CEO.

Yannick Oswald

Christmas Vibes


With markets stabilizing, companies can focus on growth again. It feels like the beginning of a longer trend.

Yannick Oswald

Our 2023 AGM!


We held our 2023 LP meeting in Barcelona a few weeks ago. LP meetings are always a highlight of the year, but this was a special one.

Yannick Oswald

The Electrification Wave


A bit like the internet, electrification is happening fast and creating a huge wave of decentralisation. And Europe is leading it.

Yannick Oswald

Top 10


The 2023 VC ranking is out. Our firm is in the top 50 globally, top 10 in Europe, and number 1 in Benelux.

What is a moat?


People often talk about the moat of a product or company, but was is a moat?

Yannick Oswald

Summer Musings - a reflection of the past and future


I can’t emphasize enough how crazy the last 3.5 years have been. But, If we look at the big picture, things ahead don’t look so bleak.

Bringing TBOL to Luxembourg


As a shareholder of TBOL and a Luxembourg-based VC firm, we are proud to bring TBOL to Luxembourg...

Yannick Oswald

Back to Basics


The AI hype is in full swing. But we invest in business models leveraging technology, not the other way around...

Yannick Oswald

The Death of the Keyboard


The Vision Pro launch is much bigger than most anticipate...

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