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Yannick Oswald

What happened, and what will happen?


The surprises of 2021 and our predictions for 2022...

Yannick Oswald

Asking the right questions


What does it mean to be creative. Should entrepreneurs have that skill?

Yannick Oswald

Are you a product or feature?


'What do you think? Is this a product or a feature?' Let’s look at some examples and elements that will help you articulate your answer.

Yannick Oswald

Focus on winning, not competing


It's wild out there. The world is awash with cash. It dominates the minds of the startup world players, VCs are raising bigger funds...

Yannick Oswald

What's your tagline?


Be different. Crafting a tagline for your business is one of the most useful branding exercises one can perform early on.

Yannick Oswald

The 3 questions you must answer


Since I am a venture investor, many people ask me: 'Hey Yannick, what do you think? Is this a good startup idea?'

Yannick Oswald

Drinking from a hose


Have you ever tried to drink from a hose? Trust me; you will last a max of 15 seconds...

Yannick Oswald

Become a Mangrove Fellow


It's that time again. We are hiring two interns for a 6 months period after the summer. The role is slightly different and part of a larger program and network: 'The Mangrove Fellows'.

Yannick Oswald

Too much capital raised? Now what?


Some thoughts on the DNA of a good VC funding round and how to avoid the cap table crunch?

Yannick Oswald

The right mindset for raising venture money


The best way to approach VC meetings is with a different mindset - the mindset to maximize the return you get on the time you spent with VCs

Yannick Oswald

One more, from Seed to IPO. Walkme goes public.


Yesterday our portfolio company Walkme announced that it would go public on the Nasdaq.

Yann Decroos

“Do the Job Before You Get It”: Breaking into VC with Yann Decroos


Yann talked to the IncludedVC Fellows and shared his top tips on how to break into VC and go above and beyond to make a difference.

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