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Yannick Oswald

2022 VC Funding Trends: No room for long-term pessimism


Many entrepreneurs, from around Europe, reached out to me over the last weeks, all with one question: 'What is going on in VC right now?' So I thought it might be a good time to share some thoughts on the VC funding market again.

Yannick Oswald

The SAFE Nightmare


While interesting for smaller investments or bridge rounds, SAFEs can mess up a young company's cap table if not careful. Here is why...

Yannick Oswald

Are you a nice-to-have or must-have?


The last years feel like a never-ending rollercoaster. In 2022, the world did not only return to normal, but the pendulum swung completely...

Yannick Oswald

Yes, still investing... Our latest addition


We recently led the seed financing of Buo. It is not often that we announce new seed investments, but in the current market, I figured it is essential to let...

Yannick Oswald

The Current Market Turmoil


Navigating the current market turmoil is no doubt a challenge. Negative sentiment has taken over, but there are reasons to be optimistic...

Yannick Oswald

The Legend of the Market Pull


If you are in a good market, it will carry you forward, beyond what perhaps some teams deserve… What is this market pull?

Mark Tluszcz

A modern day Renaissance Man…


More than a decade ago, I met a man who would one day set out to change medicine.

Yannick Oswald

It is time to go out, again!


How can you say we're sort of out of the pandemic without saying we’re out of the pandemic?

Yannick Oswald

Become a Mangrove 2022 Fellow.


After the success of the 2021 edition, we are launching a second batch of our Mangrove Fellows programs.

Yannick Oswald

Perfect your game. The data room.


what on earth should I put in the data room? Here is an overview of the five elements you need.

Great Thinkers: 'The Future of Space'

Great Thinkers: 'The Future of Space'


Space is a $300B industry. This is about 7x bigger than AI & robotics combined... By 2025, it should hit $2.3T.

Yannick Oswald

What happened, and what will happen?


The surprises of 2021 and our predictions for 2022...

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