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Yannick Oswald

Too much capital raised? Now what?


Some thoughts on the DNA of a good VC funding round and how to avoid the cap table crunch?

Yannick Oswald

The right mindset for raising venture money


The best way to approach VC meetings is with a different mindset - the mindset to maximize the return you get on the time you spent with VCs

Yannick Oswald

One more, from Seed to IPO. Walkme goes public.


Yesterday our portfolio company Walkme announced that it would go public on the Nasdaq.

Yann Decroos

“Do the Job Before You Get It”: Breaking into VC with Yann Decroos


Yann talked to the IncludedVC Fellows and shared his top tips on how to break into VC and go above and beyond to make a difference.

Yannick Oswald

You are hyped. What's next?


Last week, I went to Spain, first Barcelona, then Madrid, to get some facetime with some of our portfolio companies, and some entrepreneurs who are building exciting new ventures...

Yannick Oswald

Avoid the Expert Trap


What a ride we are on! I have been in venture for a bit more than 5 years now. Looking at the industry's current status, though, it feels like tech is only getting started.

Yannick Oswald

How to choose your seed investor?


A couple of weeks ago, after a stellar Q4 2020, our company Wix has become Israel's most valuable company. Let that sink for a moment...

Yannick Oswald

Cofounders. How to choose and deal with them?


It's that time of the year again! Spring is coming, and many founding teams are getting ready to raise their next funding round.

Yannick Oswald

The rise of B2C SaaS 2.0


In my bio on this blog, I mention that I am also looking at 'IoT or hardware products if linked to a subscription model.' A couple of people asked me...

Yannick Oswald

The Startup Jiujitsu!


A couple of weeks ago, I got a question on Qoorio on budgeting in an early-stage company...

Yannick Oswald

K Health. From 0 to 1.5B+ in 2 years...


Two years after launching its product, our company K Health raised $130+ million at a valuation above $1.5B in a funding round led by GGV and Valor...

Yannick Oswald

Chasing home runs


VCs (and people in general) consistently overestimate luck and underestimate skill. Without structure, the odds of finding great companies are low.

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