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Areas of Conviction

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We are generalists with a focus on core themes that we update every year at our team off-sites. Some of our recent areas of conviction include digital health, voice and silver tech. Discover our unique insights below.

Covid: The Spark for Change

Even before Covid we were witnessing the beginnings of a revolution in healthcare. But the pandemic has dramatically accelerated innovation and thrust the sector into the limelight. As a follow on to our pre-Covid report “Healthcare Reimagined”, this report highlights three profound shifts arising from the pandemic and the technologies that will benefit.

The crisis has given healthcare a glimpse into the future and forced organisations to consider how AI will redefine their business.


The corporate market for digital health looks set to explode as businesses look to support the physical and mental health of staff.


With governments in Europe still unable to control the spread of the virus, they may yet be forced to review their privacy-first approach to contact tracing.


Healthcare Reimagined 2020

'Healthcare Reimagined' examines how broad adoption of mobile computing and advances in artificial intelligence are driving a much-needed revolution in healthcare - a vast sector which is archaic, capital intensive and, in many ways, broken.

At Mangrove, we believe digital health represents one of the very largest opportunities for value creation. But we won't be betting on clinicians to transform the sector. History has shown that industries are not reinvented by incumbents. Just like any other industry, healthcare is best revolutionized from the outside and not from within.

Mobile computing will unlock the cheapest and most efficient healthcare and make it available to billions of people via their smartphones.


Healthcare is now moving from a structure that treats sick people to one which, through AI, is predicting and preventing illness and disease.


Big Pharma is showing significant interest in digital therapeutics (DTx) - clinically-proven software-based interventions which make treatment far more accessible for patients.


Voice Tech 2019

'Voice: Welcoming the next generation of disruptors' examines the rise of voice-first tech.

Amid booming sales of smart speakers, investment in voice startups is now accelerating. At Mangrove we believe voice will be one of the defining themes of the next decade...

Voice represents both a platform and user interface (UI) shift comparable to the web and smartphones - it will spawn a new generation of disruptors in every category.


By making humans smarter and more effective, voice-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) offerings look set to become the most valuable generation of business software yet.


You will never be alone: together with AI, voice will radically change the relationship between human and machine.


Silver Tech 2018

'Silver Tech: Emerging Opportunities in the Third Age Economy' examines the rise of the third age economy.

Instead of continuing its obsession with engagement among teens, the technology sector would be wise to wake up to the rise of the young silvers.

The number of elderly is set to rise sharply over the next 30 year and they are rapidly becoming the most important driver of consumption


Whilst smartphone and social media penetration is peaking, this demographic feels misunderstood and underserved


But beware: the young silvers have their own particular needs and are sophisticated consumers...


ICO 2017

'Tokenisation: Implications for the venture capital industry' examines the potential of tokenisation and explains why ICOs could radically change how private companies raise capital.

It also provides an analysis of how this funding mechanism is being used today, explores how ICOs could impact the venture capital operating model and examines the likely shape of a supporting regulatory framework.

Many ICO projects are serious, and deserve consideration


As the mechanism develops, VCs need to change their thinking


With regulatory acceptance, an ICO will be a very normal method of raising capital​


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