Mangrove Foundation

We decided to act for the planet’s survival and mankind and to contribute money to worthy causes we collectively feel strong about. 

The Foundation aims at establishing Mangrove as a corporate giver, leveraging the collective strength of the team with the objective of donating amounts that make a difference and have a visible impact.  Everyone can contribute and every action matters.  We hope that by operating the Mangrove Foundation, we will encourage others to do the same.

Driven by passion and professionalism, the Mangrove Foundation wants to combine 2 aspects in a unique manner:


The role of women and girls is crucial in our accomplishments.

It is demonstrated that one of the most effective solutions to overpopulation lies in empowering women, financially and socially, with a correlated impact on age of marriage and delayed fertility.  This is why either our projects target them specifically, acting on economic empowerment, education levels or health and safety, or they are directly involved in their conduct.


Laos Sustainable Coffee Growing

Environmental protection
& rehabilitation

We are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of our Earth as a suitable place for human habitation.

Our action is twofold: raising public awareness, but mostly supporting tangible projects by working either directly with players on the ground, or by providing support to focused projects through existing associations and other NGOs. Our key focus here is on addressing land degradation, resource depletion, energy misuse, water accessibility and safety, and climate change.


Climate mitigation in India and Nepal

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The Human Touch

The Best Practices