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Mangrove Capital Partners is a contrarian, bold and patient venture capital firm helping innovative entrepreneurs start and grow global, disruptive tech companies.

We chase transformational ideas around the world. Our sweet spot is early stage and we regularly partner with entrepreneurs prior to product launch.

We recognize that being an entrepreneur is a lonely place and that the single most important thing is having supportive shareholders as you go through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.


We have had the privilege of being involved as early investors in five Unicorns:  Skype, Wix, Walkme, K Health, and TBOL.  More than ever our portfolio reflects the belief that great entrepreneurs and great investors can change the world.  Some of our current rising stars include: Red Points, Adverity, and Flo Health.


We’re headquartered in Luxembourg, but travel extensively all year around Europe. We have our focus locations with people based in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and London.


With an office located in Tel Aviv, we have a team on the ground covering one of the most promising and exciting tech hotspots in the world.

Luxembourg Office

31, Boulevard Joseph II

L-1840 Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 26 25 34 1